Felicia Thompkins: A New Voice for Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 3

Felicia Thompkins, a dynamic community advocate, is vying for Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 3 with a vision centered on addressing critical issues affecting our community. As one of eight children, Felicia was born and raised in the storied Africatown section of Mobile, Alabama. Her early experiences growing up in the deep south helped her appreciate diversity, cooperation, and the interconnectedness of a community.  She went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Alabama State University and subsequently enjoyed a stellar career as a North Carolina DHHS Compliance Team Leader, Mecklenburg County Adult Care Home Specialist, and Premier Senior Residence Facility Executive Director.

Felicia is passionate about implementing initiatives that make a tangible impact on our community. In addition to being a champion of fiscal responsibility, her campaign focus spans key areas that include elder care, education equity, transportation, safety, health, and mental health.

In the realm of elder care, Felicia envisions implementing programs that enhance the quality of life for our senior population. Recognizing the diverse needs of this demographic, she aims to collaborate with local organizations to create accessible resources, social programs, and healthcare services for our elderly residents.

She will advocate for policies that ensure equitable access to quality education for every child in Mecklenburg County. Her initiatives will involve fostering partnerships with schools, parents, and the broader community to create an inclusive and empowering educational environment.

Transportation is another key focus for Felicia Thompkins. She recognizes the impact of reliable transportation on economic opportunities and overall community connectivity. Her plans include advocating for improved public transportation options, infrastructure enhancements, and sustainable solutions to alleviate traffic congestion.

Safety is paramount in Felicia’s vision for District 3. She aims to collaborate with law enforcement, community leaders, and residents to implement effective strategies that enhance public safety while building a community where everyone feels secure.

Physical health and mental health are integral components of Felicia’s platform as well. She seeks to ensure access to affordable healthcare services and advocates for mental health awareness and resources.

Felicia maintains active memberships in the Back Creek Forest as the HOA President &  Events Co-Ordinator, The Black Political Caucus, Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County, African-American Caucus of Mecklenburg County Democratic Party, Community Development District 4 Community Coalition, Mecklenburg County Employee Relations, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

It is time for a change. Vote for Felicia Thompkins—a new leader committed to the well-being and progress of District 3.